Core Activities and Programmes

In pursuance of it goal, the Authority engages in an extensive scope of activities.

These include:

  • Development of national export awareness.
  • Identification of products with export potential
  • Researching and developing markets for the identified products.
  • Creating goodwill for Ghanaian products through international and local trade fairs and exhibitions.
  • Providing exporters with the necessary assistance for penetrating the competitive international market.
  • Organising market missions to enable Ghanaian exporters meet prospective overseas buyers.
  • Assisting businessmen traveling abroad with information on their target markets.
  • Providing technical advice on products and export marketing to exporters.
  • Training exporters and personnel of export facilitating institutions to upgrade their skills in export marketing.
  • Recommending to government the necessary assistance and incentives needed by the Ghanaian exporters.