Strategic Areas of Focus

In line with international best practice of Trade Promotion Organisations, and taking cognisance of our local situation, the strategic areas of focus of GEPA are:

  • Market Access and Development – Market Access and Penetration Programs undertaken as outward and inward Trade Missions, Contact Promotion Programmes, Trade Fairs and Exhibitions, Buyer-Seller Meetings and Conferences, Group Marketing Schemes.
  • Product Development and Supply Base Expansion for selected priority products through the organisation of contract production/supply schemes, establishment of Export Production Village Schemes, Technical Advisory Services to facilitate product and market development as well as supply chain management.
  • Export Trade Information Dissemination and Communication support through the maintenance of a Trade Library, trade publications and operation of an internet based Export Trade Information Centre.
  • Export Human Resource Capacity Strengthening through operations of an Export School that organises export management, product development, market development and other specialised trade related courses, workshops and seminars for export companies, trade facilitators and businesses.
  • Coordinating of Export Development Activities through consensus building with Stakeholders by holding consultative Exporters’ Fora and round table consensus building activities with various stakeholders with the view to coordinating export related programmes.