Structure of GEPA

The GEPA is governed by a Board of Directors made up of a Chairman and ten (10) representatives from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Food & Agriculture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ghana Investment Promotion centre, the Private Sector such as the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The Chief executive Officer of GEPA is a member of the board and also responsible for the day-to-day management of the Authority.

There are five (5) main functional divisions in the organization, each headed by a director. These divisions are:

  1. Product Development Division (PDD)
  2. Marketing and Promotion Division (MPD)
  3. Research and Information Division (RID)
  4. Finance Division (FD)
  5. Administration and Human Resource Division (AHRD)


Product Development Division (PDD)

The division is responsible for providing technical assistance for design and production , meeting quality, safety and health standards, as well as meeting packaging and transport requirements for international marketing of non-traditional products. The division is also responsible for providing technical assistance for the expansion of the supply base of the products and their delivery at competitive pricing.

Marketing and Promotion Division (MPD)

The division is responsible for ensuring customer identification and matchmaking, undertaking comprehensive market analysis and pursuance of export marketing and promotional programmes for non-traditional export products and services in Strategic Markets for sustained growth.

Research and Information Division (RID)

The division is responsible for conducting trade related research and analysis for dissemination to stakeholders as well as for planning and decision making for export development, promotion and growth. This division is also responsible for engaging in bilateral and multilateral issues as well as managing, monitoring and evaluating projects of the Authority.

Finance Division (FD)

The Finance Division is responsible for the overall financial management functions including corporate budgeting, accounting, financial contril and reporting within the Authority.

Administration and Human Resource Division (AHRD)

This division is responsible for developing and implementing administrative policies and procedures for procurements and general servies management and for meeting corporate and statutory requirements in human resources development.