The Ghana Export Trade Information Centre


The Ghana Export Trade Information Centre (GETIC) – We provide your overseas market information needs

The Ghana Export Trade Information Centre was established in November 2005 to provide trade information and referral services to the business community, particularly, the exporter community. It began operation as one of the seven Reference Centres and National Enquiry Points set up under a Joint Integrated Assistance Programme(JITAP) and jointly implemented by the International Trade Centre (ITC), United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the World Trade Organisation (WTO). It has been provided with tools for the business community to access and use trade information to make strategic decisions. The tools include an interactive website for business information and communication with clients and a strategically-located venue equipped with internet-connected computers for clients. It has also become an ideal location for trade conferences and workshops.

Since it establishment, GETIC supports an average of four hundred and fifty three (453) clients every month with information on markets, trends, prices and other referral services to assist them in their businesses.

The Centre houses the Ghana Export Trade Information System, which comprises an on-line export trade information network incorporated in the Export Ghana interactive website, Information available at this website includes the following: How to prepare for export business; Export market analysis tools; Trade Maps; Product and Market Access Maps; Information on GEPC and services provided to Ghanaian companies, foreign buyers, and clients; The Directory of Ghanaian Exporters; General News on current export trends.

Current services at GETIC
Since it begun operating, GETIC has taken a lead role in GEPC in the provision of trade information and related services in the under listed areas:

  • Provision of product and market information to the business community
  • Referral Service to other important sources of information
  • Operation of a cyber café with ten internet – connected computers for clients to use for business information and communication
  • Email broadcast and replies of alerts, topical trade events and issues to business community
  • Electronic Registration of exporters;

The Centre supports on-line registration of exporters. The profiles of these exporters are incorporated into the GEPC’s electronic directory at

  • ExportSchoolRegistration. A good number of clients who participate in the training programmes of the Ghana Export School are registered by GETIC
  • FDA (USA Food Export) Registration- GETIC assists exporters who deal in food export to register their food facilities as well as products intended for the USA as required under the Bio-Terrorism Act of 2002
  • Export school. GETIC has become the main venue for the Ghana Export School in Accra.
  • Hiring of Main Hall for Conferencing and Business meetings
  • Even though GETIC was primarily established to be a reference centre for trade information, it is increasingly becoming a location for workshops and meetings for agencies in the sector. Institutions like the Food and Drugs Board and Ghana Stock Exchange and even MOTI/PSD/PSI/GSB/ use GETIC for training and meetings.

Sources of information
The International Trade Centre (ITC)/WTO/UNCTAD, Geneva and the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI) in the Netherlands, ‘The Public Ledger’, ‘Fresh Fruit and Vegetable’ are very important sources of information for GETIC. We also rely on the following sources:

  • Alerts from UK Foods Standards Authority (FSA) e.g. alert on Khebab Powder and New Food Control laws at Heathrow.
  • International Customs Organization e.g. information on major amendments in Harmonized Codes System.
  • UNCTAD Commodity Price Lists provide monthly free-market prices and price indices in dollars for selected commodities, commodity groups such as food, tropical beverages, vegetable oilseeds and oils, agricultural raw materials, minerals, ores and metals).
  • The EU Export Helpdesk – an online service provided by the European Commission, to facilitate market access for developing countries to the European Union.

Print publications
Print publications on market, standards and prices are also available at GETIC.

GETIC searches, culls and selects information from all these sources for dissemination to the exporter community through email broadcast, direct exchange and publication on GEPC website and Newsletters


The Ghana Export Trade Information System is poised to use the new information resources and contacts to turn trade information into accessible and actionable ventures. Furthermore, it has initiated the development of active information networks at national, regional and international levels. These will create favourable conditions for our business community to access business information, know-how, training and technologies to improve their competitiveness in the global market.

For further information:

Agnes Gifty Adjei-Sam (Mrs.)
Head, Ghana Export Trade Information Centre,
6th Avenue, Ridge, Opposite Cedi House,
Ambassadorial Enclave,Accra,
Box M146. Accra
Tel: 233 -302- 675234 / 675444