Market Hub – a unique platform

The GEPA Market Hub is a unique platform for the following reasons:

  • The only online one stop shop in Ghana with resources and information on international trade.
  • It attracts both businessmen in Ghana as well as international importers and investors.
  • Added value and nowhere to be found innovative reports and video animations.
  • Ample opportunities for enrichment with more functionalities and integrate with other projects


Partner with GEPA

You are more than welcome to join GEPA as a sponsor. Partner with us and contribute to Ghana’s economic development. Some sponsorship opportunities include for instance:

  • Branded e-mail newsletter (sent to active exporters, the enabling environment and foreign importers and investors.
  • Advertisement banners
  • Sponsoring of publications such as ‘Ghana’s Non Traditional Exports’ – GEPA’s annual flagship publication
  • Sponsoring of reports and video animations on ‘Potential market reports’ and ‘competitor analysis’
  • Branded content
  • Sponsored roadshows and business round tables

Please contact GEPA for more details on your tailored sponsorship package.

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