May 24, 2018

AITST Foundation signs MOU on cashew with Ghana

Ghana, through Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), has on Thursday, May 24, 2018, signed a memorandum of understanding, on technology and machinery support for cashew, with Chief Executive Officer of Afro-India Technology & Societal Transformation (AITST) Foundation, to accelerate the introduction of modern technologies and scientific methods along the cashew value chain.

The signing event, was witnessed by President of Cashew Industry  Association of Ghana (CIAG), Mr Aaron Akyea, some leaders of CIAG, staff of Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) among other stakeholders in the cashew industry.

Madam Gifty Kekeli Klenam, Chief Executive Officer for GEPA, signed for Ghana, while Mr Gopi Krishna Reddy, Chief Executive Officer of AITST Foundation, signed for AITST Foundation.

The agreement according to Madam Gifty Klenam, will, “place farmers first” in bringing modern technology, to enhance production and processing of cashew, for increased export and revenue for Ghana.

AITST Foundation, is an initiative by the African and Indian leaders chaired by Mr. Mahesh Patel Executive Chairman of ETG to ensure Sub-Saharan Africa emerges as a true global food provider by 2030. Its core objective is to bring modern and cutting-edge technology interventions, from smallholder farmers to governments of Sub-Saharan Africa at all stages of agri-value chains.

The AITST Foundation’s mission is to percolate cutting edge scientific research and ITC expertise into rural Sub-Saharan Africa to bring socio-economic impact to its rural population; and in turn achieve improved living standards and self-sufficiency by connecting smallholder farmers to sustainable opportunities.

GEPA, in collaboration with the private sector, is implementing the 10 Year Cashew Development Plan aimed at developing the cashew industry and supporting rural enterprise development in Ghana; and diversifying Ghana’s cash crop base from dependence on cocoa.

The framework seeks to regulate, formalize and provide strategic investment to revamp the industry, increase production and productivity along the cashew value chain.

This MOU with AITST Foundation, seeks to establish mutually beneficial or ”win-win” collaborative relationships/partnerships with key stakeholders in the cashew industry in Ghana.

Through its stakeholder outreach and engagement, AITST Foundation has identified the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), representing the Government of Ghana; to be a key stakeholder for economic and societal transformation, and both Parties are interested in developing and formalizing a collaborative relationship by signing this MOU with outlined purpose and scope.

The MOU, also seeks to establish a clear, common understanding of the 10-year Cashew Development Plan (2017-2027) (including its goals and activities) between GEPA and AITST Foundation (the ”Parties”); to identify mutually beneficial opportunities and areas of collaboration between the parties; and to commit in principle (non-binding) to working together towards achieving shared and complimentary goals.

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