February 16, 2022

CEO of GEPA Dr. Afua Asabea Asare Visits TIAST

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The CEO of Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), Dr. Afua Asabea Asare accompanied by the Deputy CEO in charge of Finance and Operations, Mr. Samuel Dentu and Head of Trade in Services Export and Manufactures Department  of GEPA has paid a working visit to TIAST (Torchbearer International Agricultural Science and Technology Development) to interact with management and staff of the organisation. The visit was also meant to reinforce the existing collaboration birthed out of the MOU the two organizations (GEPA & TIAST) have signed to promote the cassava starch sector in Ghana.

The interaction which occurred at the conference room of TIAST, gave the two CEOs the opportunity to throw more light on the MOU signed between the two parties and the cardinal objective behind the collaboration.

Dr. Asabea reiterated the relevance of the project and the need for the two organizations to work collaboratively to ensure the sustainability and success of the project.

The CEO of GEPA used the occasion to  to explain to the workers the core functions of GEPA in the export trading ecosystem in the country  and its role in the current cassava project architecture with TIAST. She surmised that GEPA was to provide support at the production level with the view to keeping the project running.

The CEO of TIAST, Freca Xiao was optimistic of the collaboration and the impact the project was going to have on the many communities that will run it. He emphasized the need for the two parties to work together to create a sustainable offering to all parties involved in the project.

The workers of TIAST had the opportunity to ask the CEO some pertinent issues about GEPA and the entire export trading system.

TIAST Group is a conglomerate that consists of the Torchbearer International Agricultural Investment and Management at Hangzhou, Torchbearer International Agricultural Science and Technology Development (Beijing), Beijing Torch Relay Technology Center, TIAST West Africa, and First Machinery Group.

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