December 31, 2018

Dr. Thomas Mensah’s company visits Boeing Aircraft manufacturing plant in Seattle

Georgia Aerospace Systems, a company in the US founded by Dr. Thomas Mensah – Fibre Optics Inventor and Nanotechnology Expert – was invited to tour the Boeing Aircraft Manufacturing Plant in Seattle Washington.

Georgia Aerospace is a protégé to Boeing (in a Mentor-Protégé relationship) and has worked with Boeing in this programme for nearly 10 years. The company President and Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Harold Jackson, was hosted by Boeing.

This State of the Art Secured Facility is where the 737 Airplane and the latest version 737 MAX are assembled.

Dr. Thomas Mensah, Chairman and CEO of Georgia Aerospace, was born in Ghana and he and Dr. Harold Jackson are pushing for major transfers of Technology and innovation to Ghana to improve the economy and foster industrialisation of this country. These two executives are also working with the New Minister of Aviation to bring a modern Aircraft and Maintenance MRO Facility to Kumasi, Ghana.

Boeing helped establish Ethiopian Airlines as well as helping to develop its MRO. At this facility in Seattle Washington, Boeing produce 52 planes.

In a 750,000sq building, some components and parts arrive from other Boeing facilities in several states of the US like Kansas.  The Assembly begins with full integration of parts including the main fuselage, wing, Avionic Instruments, landing gear, Fuel Tanks etc. The engine is put on last and 20 planes are built at a time – and they can assemble one plane in 10 days.

Aviation technology in Ghana

Georgia Aerospace Experts was briefed on how to set up Airlines for Countries in Africa, including Ghana. Georgia Aerospace will help the Ghana Aviation Ministry get an invitation to Boeing.

Similar plant tours are scheduled to gain experience in Aerospace Technology, including setting up the airline on time and running it cost effectively. A private sector board with experience in the Airline and Aerospace industry – not the Government Agency – should run the line for efficiency and profitability like Ethiopian Airlines. Boeing is also assisting Georgia Aerospace in MRO Development, and this can help Ghana Aviation insure Aviation Safety and Security.

Dr. Mensah and his team have already proposed an MRO to the Aviation Ministry to be located in the Middle Belt of Ghana because of Security Problems if located near the border in the North, and sea-saltwater corrosion problems from the ocean if located near the Southern Belt.

Graduates from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and Aviation Sciences from University of Ghana will be trained by Boeing as Maintenance Engineers and Mechanics for the MRO. His Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has donated 23,000 acres of land for the project. The project will create 400,000 jobs and bring technology transfer to Ghana.

Dr. Jackson and Dr. Thomas Mensah, who is the Chairman and CEO, developed the corporate expansion plans especially for Africa. They and their team of experts have subsidiaries in Ghana that will work with the Ministry of Aviation for Technology Transfer to Ghana.

Dr. Thomas Mensah has recently launched Ghana Silicon Valley – – at the Kofi Annan ICT Centre, which has attracted international attention and caused a Google Artificial Intelligence lab to be established in Ghana. The centre will train 300,000 SHS students in software and develop and assemble drones in Ghana. Dr. Thomas Mensah has worked on Nanotechnology applications for Next Generation Missile Platforms, Drones and Advanced Aircraft for the US Pentagon.

Dr. Thomas Mensah is Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Fellow of the Ghana Institute of Engineers, Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors USA, and has authored four books on Innovation.

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