April 10, 2019

Annual Report 2017: Overall Performance of the NTE Sector

Non-Traditional Export (NTE) earnings in 2017 amounted to US$ 2.557 billion, representing 3.81% increase over the 2016 performance of US$ 2.463 billion.

On the average, the NTE sector earnings have been growing at an annual rate of 1.22%, with cocoa derivatives contributing significantly to the 2017 kitty.

The contribution of the NTE sector to the overall merchandise export of Ghana was 18.37% in 2017, a tapered performance compared to the 20% in 2016.

The Non-Traditional Export sector is made up of three sub-sectors, namely: Agriculture, Processed/Semi-Processed, and Industrial Art & Craft sub-sectors. The biggest earner in the NTE portfolio is the processed/semi-processed sub-sector. It contributed a massive US$ 2.105 billion (82.35%) to the whole NTE basket. This was followed by the agricultural sub-sector and then the industrial art and craft sub-sector.

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