September 22, 2020

Annual Report 2019: NTE Sub-sector Performance

The Non-Traditional Export sector is categorized into three main sub-sectors: Agriculture, Processed/Semi-Processed, and Industrial Art & Craft sub-sectors . Services export is added as the fourth pillar. However, data from the services sector is yet to be included in the NTEs annual stats reporting.

Earnings from the three broad subsectors in 2019 were mixed. Whilst the Processed/Semi-processed and Industrial Art and Craft sectors recorded positive growth rates of 11.15% and 12.82% respectively, the Agric sub-sector declined by 27.82%. The decline was attributed to reduction in earnings from Cashew nuts, Bananas, Mangoes, Pineapples, Medicinal plants & parts, and Fresh or chilled tunas relative to 2018.

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