February 28, 2022

GEPA and ACET train Exporters on Good Export Practices

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The Ghana Export Promotion Authority in collaboration with the African Centre for Economic Transformation (ACET) has organized a programme for Exporters in Good Export Practices.

Seasoned Trade Consultants carried out practical diagnostics of 180 selected exporters and prospective ones.

After the diagnostics phase, 90 exporters received technical assistance on Good Export Practices. During the technical assistance phase, exporters were put into 9 separate groups. At the end of this phase, each group delivered a presentation as part of peer learning process for other groups to appreciate, ask questions and pass comments.

Participants were excited about how much they had benefited from the technical aspects of the programme

For GEPA, this perfectly aligns with Pillar 2 of the National Export Development Strategy – building the capacity of Exporters to compete effectively on the international scene.

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