March 21, 2024

GEPA and ITC partner to launch SheTrades Ghana Hub for women-led businesses

The Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) has announced the successful inauguration of the SheTrades Ghana Hub, a transformative initiative aimed at empowering women-led businesses (WLBs) across the nation.

Hosted by GEPA in partnership with the International Trade Centre (ITC) SheTrades Initiative, the SheTrades Ghana Hub represents a significant leap forward in advancing women’s economic empowerment through trade.

The SheTrades Initiative, a flagship program of the ITC, is a global movement dedicated to creating an enabling environment for women entrepreneurs and traders worldwide.

Anchored in the belief that empowering women is pivotal for sustainable development, SheTrades facilitates access to essential resources, networks, and opportunities crucial for the success of women in international trade.

Speaking at the launch event of the She Trades Ghana Hub, the CEO of GEPA, Osafohene Dr. Afua Asabea Asare I, underscored the importance of this initiative, stating: “The She Trades initiatives, which represents more than a collaboration, supports women to showcase their products and services to international buyers, access learning, investment, and business opportunities to take their businesses global in a sustainable manner. Through this partnership of GEPA and the ITC She Trades initiatives, we aim to create a vibrant ecosystem where women entrepreneurs have access to the tools, resources, and networks necessary to thrive in the global markets.”

She further elaborated on the established connection between GEPA and the ITC: “Throughout the years, GEPA has forged impactful collaborations with the International Trade Centre, significantly benefiting women-led businesses. Our joint endeavours, ranging from comprehensive training sessions on packaging to engaging seminars, have proven instrumental in empowering these businesses, equipping them with the tools and the knowledge needed to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace.”

ITC Executive Director Pamela Coke-Hamilton said: “With the launch of the SheTrades Ghana Hub, we look forward to seeing more Ghanaian women take advantage of opportunities in trade, to earn higher incomes, create jobs and contribute to their families and communities.

This latest chapter in our long-standing partnership with GEPA will help ensure women have access to the information, skills and networks they need to succeed in global markets.”

The objectives of the SheTrades Ghana Hub are aimed at providing access to training and market opportunities, fostering a community of critical partners, and supporting gender-inclusive policy advocacy.

Through a series of activities, including workshops, discussions, and networking sessions, the She Trades Ghana Hub endeavours to equip women entrepreneurs with the tools and resources necessary to thrive in the competitive global marketplace.

The inauguration of the SheTrades Ghana Hub epitomises GEPA’s ambition to evolve into a dynamic trade promotion entity of global stature, positioned at the forefront of advancing a dominant and enduring market presence for Ghanaian non-traditional exports.

GEPA has expressed profound appreciation to its esteemed partners, the International Trade Centre and the United Kingdom International Development, for their steadfast support in realising the She Trades Ghana Hub, stating that their collaborative efforts have been pivotal in actualising this transformative initiative, heralding a future characterised by enhanced inclusivity and the development and promotion of women in trade.

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