April 15, 2024

GEPA meets art dealers ahead of Adinkra Int’l Arts & Crafts Show Ghana

The Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) has held a meeting with members of handicraft producer associations to discuss the maiden edition of the Adinkra International Arts and Crafts Show Ghana, scheduled to take place this year from April 26th to May 5th, 2024, at the Papaye Recreational Centre at Konkonuru, near Aburi in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Held on April 15, 2024, at the GEPA Impact Hub, Africa Trade House, Ridge, Accra, the meeting was intended to share insights on preparatory arrangements in the run-up to the event.

The participants were drawn from the National Association of Handicraft Exporters (NAHE), the United Craft Producers Association (UCPA), the Greater Accra Handicraft Dealers Association (GAHDA), the Federation of Handicraft Associations (FHA), the Traditional Kente Producers Association (TKPA), and the Global Handicraft Association (GHA).

According to the Director of Projects at GEPA, Alexander Dadzawa, Adinkra would spotlight the African art and crafts industry while positioning Ghana as a centre for art business.

He said Aburi was chosen to host the event due to its reputation as one of the nation’s most visited tourist destinations and a hub for the local art and craft industry.

Mr. Dadzawa also urged Ghanaian arts dealers to complete their registration on time and take advantage of the event to showcase their works to the world.

The 10-day event, organised by GEPA, promises to become a hub for knowledge sharing and inspiration while championing authentic African art, craft, home décor, jewellery, and textile products.

Visitors can witness the display of rich Ghanaian culture and visit tourist centres such as the Aburi Botanical Gardens.

The biennial fair is expected to boost art exports by showcasing high-quality African artworks while providing a platform for industry players to network and explore business opportunities.

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