May 12, 2018

GEPA secures ready-market for Ghana’s sweet potatoes

Farmers in the sweet potatoes value chain industry, can heave a shy of relief, as market for products in the sweet potatoes value chain, is secured in Germany and in other parts of Europe.

The stride, was made possible by Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), who provided lead to Don Limon, one of Germany’s biggest Food Malls.

In a request dated September 22, 2017, Mr Christopher Mars of Don Limon, through relevant contact person given by GEPA, wrote to Ghana’s embassy in Berlin, Germany, requesting for further lead to sweet potato farmers in Ghana.

In the request, Don Limon indicated its readiness to buy sweet potatoes directly from Ghana, and retail in its outlets within Germany and across Europe.

Following the request, Ghana embassy in Berlin, wrote back to Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), asking for information comprising capacities and strength of farmers in the sweet potatoes industry.

GEPA, who has had good touch with production capacities of some sweet potatoes farmers, contacted head of Orange, an integrated value chain initiative, based on the export of orange-fleshed sweet potatoes.

On a request of Don Limon, for the shipment of some quantities of sweet potatoes to Germany, Emmanuel Darkey of E Dakey & Associates Ltd., who is also a member of Orange and Chairman of Sweet Potato Innovation Platform, mobilised delivery of a requested 20 tonnes of the sweet potatoes to Don Limon.

Don Limon paid all cost associated with shipment of the sweet potatoes from Ghana to Germany.

In Germany, the shipped Ghana’s sweet potatoes will be subjected to scrutiny, observation within a given period and scientific testing, to determine the quality and standard of the potatoes.

When all scrutiny, testing and determinants are met, by August, Ghana’s potatoes will have direct buying by Don Limon of Germany, for distributions and sales to its German outlets and outlets across Europe.

About Don Limon

Don Limon strives to improve the world of globally competitive business, in a sustainable way. It impacts all social, economic and environmental factors in most optimal way.

Don Limon is a family owned company in the third generation, and as such, always particular about long term and are most directly aware of their direct impact to the next generations. It considers itself as a Learning Company. With continuously improvement in mind, they set high standards for themselves, to fully understanding every step and detail in the supply chain and enhancing the value of their supply network.

Their global and integral view of the supply chain gives them an opportunity to influence and change it for the betterment of all stakeholders.

According to Mr Andreas Schindler, Head of Don Limon, “My grandfather founded this business by sourcing produce, shipped them from A to B and sold them.”

He adds that, “Nowadays, we design and organize the value chain network right from the origin in the southern hemisphere to the demand-driven markets in the northern hemisphere.”

Don Limon is globally connecting its customers from North America, Europe, Middle East and Far East with the producers in Latin America, Asia (China, India, etc.], Africa, and Southern and Europe.

Another GEPA feat

The market for sweet potatoes, adds to the list of strides made by the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), particularly in the last eleven (11) months, in its vision of improving Ghana’s exports earning from the current $2.3bilion yearly average to $10bilion, under the National Export Strategy of the President’s vision of ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’.

Already, pineapple, cashew and coconut are currently developed for export to markets outside Ghana. Avocado, will add to the above listed cash crops for export, when its funding is secured.

This, owes to GEPA’s surveillances, market researches and competitor analyses of commodities, prospects for Ghanaian products and services on the international market.

According to Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) Index, Netherlands currently imports 19% of Ghana’s sweet potatoes, United Kingdom 14%, Belgium 11%, whilst Finland, Ireland and Canada together import 40%.

Total Export Value of sweet potatoes from from Ghana stands at $251K USD +55.48% positive increase of last year.

Sweet potatoes export in last 3 years ie from 2013 to 2016, grew at -51.32% while the growth of five years ago was at -99.91%. Currently, Ghana’s share in global exports of sweet potatoes stand at 0.04%(ranked 41st in the world).

The secured market for Ghana’s sweet potatoes, in Germany and in other parts of Europe, will hence increase Ghana’s share of global export of fresh sweet potatoes and hence further increase the country’s export gain.

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