June 11, 2018

GEPA’s 5-day training on straw products ends

GEPA’s training on straw baskets and other straw products making, for over one hundred and twenty participants of the Ghana Export Promotion Authority’s routine training program for a cross section of the public, in the Upper East Region, at Sumbrungu near Bolgatanga successfully ended on Friday, June 8, 2018.

The training event, commenced on Monday, June 4, 2018 and ended on, Friday June 8, 2018 with remarks from key trainers, facilitators and from officials of GEPA.

The program attracted various trainers, comprising experienced straw products producers within the Upper East region, which saw the experts (trainers) being assigned to participants (trainees), who are trained on selected designs of straw baskets, under the guidance of the experts.

The five-day training event at Sumbrungu, near Bolgatanga, was coordinated by Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) through the Authority’s officers of the Upper East and Upper West Region, headed by Mr Martin Akorgti and witnessed by Mr Bruce Bullu Liman, GEPA’s Web Content Administrator.

In his closing remarks, Mr Martin Akorgti, GEPA’s zonal officer for Upper East and Upper West regions, expressed satisfaction at the level of success of the training event.

Mr Martin indicated that, GEPA intends to develop the industry since the industry stands at ending unemployment and creating livelihood for communities, the region and the zone.

The women appealed to government to help in growing the straws locally in the Upper East region, to reduce cost of transporting the raw straws. The women stated that, currently the straws are purchased from the Brong Ahafo and Ashanti regions, and that, it cost higher transporting these straws from southern Ghana to the Upper East region.

Mr Martin Akorgti in his response to the plea of the women, indicated that, government through GEPA and other relevant agencies, have over the years done feasibility study on the possibility of growing the straws in the Upper East.

He stated that, “From studies conducted, it is very possible to grow the straws here…it is my hope that government will help in getting the straws grown here locally.”

“The cost of transporting the straws from southern Ghana to weaving centres here in the region, is high and it will be of great benefit if we look at growing the them here locally,” he added.

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