1. Register Business with Registrar General’s Department.

2. Register as an exporting company with Ghana Export Promotion Authority. Pick GEPA Registration *Form, submit the completed form together with photocopies of your registered business certificates. Follow step 3.

3. Contact the appropriate Permit-Issuing Agencies (PIA)* where necessary for inspection of premises and production facilities.

4. The PIA shall submit an inspection report and recommendations to GEPA and copy the exporter. GEPA shall complete the registration process as recommended by the PIA and other Agencies. Certificate is issued to exporter and copy sent to Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA)

5. The PIA shall arrange for testing of samples and inspection of consignment to be exported and shall issue an Export Consignment Certificate to cover each shipment.

6. Exporter shall also obtain additional documents where required, such as Certificate of Origin, Phyto-Sanitary Certificate etc.

7. Exporter shall present all relevant documents to GRA Customs at the Exit Point. Customs shall ensure that exporter has all relevant documents before processing products for export.

8. Exporter notifies the importer of the consignment details.

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