June 7, 2022

Ghana Food Movement visits GEPA

A team from the Ghana Food Movement, Ms. Pauline Lingg and Ms. Lotte Wouters on Friday 3rd June, 2022 paid a working visit to the Ghana Export Promotion Authority and were received by the CEO, Dr.Afua Asabea Asare, and Deputy CEO, Operations & Finance, Mr.Samuel Dentu.

The purpose of the visit was for both organizations to discuss ways by which GEPA can support the activities organised by the Ghana Food Movement.

Dr.Asare spelled out the functions and interventions GEPA has rendered to some Export Associations and Individual Exporters. Notable among these interventions is the Youth in Export Programme, an initiative that resonates with the mandate of the Ghana Food Movement. This programme aims at attracting the Youth into Agriculture.

Ghana Food Movement (GFM) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) and grassroots movement aiming at bringing individuals (particularly the youth) and initiatives with a passion for Ghanaian food together. Farmers, scientists, chefs, and policymakers are all part of the network. The Ghana Food Movement’s initial goal is to create a network where young people may feel like they have a space and a place to go if they want to do something with food.

Activities organized by Ghana Food Movement

Link-Up-Kitchen – The Ghana Food Movement is creating a training and community facility for the youth called Link-Up-Kitchen, where programs like Youth in Product Development and Youth in Hospitality will be held. Train the youth in a variety of culinary programs and formulas, including how to use Ghana’s most underutilized crops and how to make a recipe and a product. In 2023, the kitchen will be completed. GFM is looking for partners to assist with the construction of the kitchen or the branding of the program.

Low Land Festival is Holland’s largest festival, with around 60,000 attendees. A Pavilion (restaurant) would be supplied to GFM to display Ghanaian products. GFM is looking for a financial partner to help support persons from Ghana to attend this festival. This could be a chance for GEPA to promote Ghanaian-made ingredients.

CEO’s Conference in Holland – The Food Inspiration in Holland will organize a conference for CEOs for Food Service and Hospitality companies and organizations on October 17th and 18th, 2022. All of the major worldwide food chains, as well as food brands such as Uniliver, Pepsi Cola, and Coka Cola, are included. The goal is for food brands to inspire decision-makers (CEOs) about what the food and hospitality industries will look like in the future. GFM is pleased to collaborate with GEPA since it provides an excellent chance to promote made-in-Ghana ingredients used in Ghanaian food production.

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