Market Access Map

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Market Access Map is an interactive database on tariffs and market access measures. It contains the market access conditions applied at the bilateral level by 170 importing countries to the products exported by more than 200 countries and territories.

Developed by the International Trade Centre in collaboration with CEPII, UNCTAD and WTO , Market Access Map aims to enhance market transparency, support international trade promotion, and to facilitate the analysis of related trade policy issues. Market Access Maps strength lies in its wide geographical coverage; its taking into account of almost all multilateral, regional and bilateral trade agreements; the integration of ad valorem equivalents of specific tariffs; as well as certificates and rules of origin.

Market Access Map is based on:

  • National tariff data reported to UN TARMAC, the Tariff and Market Access Database developed by ITC and UNCTAD;
  • Bilateral, regional and multilateral agreements for tariff preferences
  • Notifications to the WTO as well as national sources for anti-dumping measures
  • Trade data from COMTRADE (the database of the United Nations Statistics Division), IDB (Integrated Database of the WTO) and national sources.

Market Access Map allows users to analyse the protection measures of any geographic grouping and sectoral aggregation. It also offers the possibility of simulating tariff reductions using various negotiation formulae.