About GEPA

GEPA is the national focal point agency for export promotion in Ghana. We provide relevant and timely trade information to buyers interested in sourcing quality products from the country. To this end, we assist you to make well-informed decisions on doing business in Ghana.


The Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) is the national export trade support body of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOTI). We are responsible for the facilitation, development and promotion of Ghanaian exports. Furthermore, we link international buyers to Ghanaian exporters.

Our recent focus has primarily been to diversify Ghana’s export base. From the traditional products (gold and other unprocessed minerals, cocoa beans, timber logs and lumber) to a wider variety of products, commonly referred to as non-traditional products. Interested in our offer? Check out a selection of the unique Ghanaian products offered here!


Our partners

We work closely with several key international partners such as:


Want to know what GEPA can do for you as international buyer? Check out an overview of our main services! 

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