GEPA services

GEPA is the national focal point agency for export promotion in Ghana. We provide relevant and timely trade information to buyers interested in sourcing quality products from the country. To this end, we assist you to make well-informed decisions on doing business in Ghana.


Our services

Our core services for you as an international buyer include:

  1. Matchmaking
  2. Organizing buyer-seller meetings
  3. Providing reliable references on exporters
  4. Presenting the Ghana offer



1. Matchmaking

One of our flagship services is to organize matchmaking events between international buyers and Ghanaian exporters. We organize both outbound missions (to various countries) and inbound missions in Ghana. Business-to-business meetings are arranged between parties with the aim of striking business deals.


2. Buyer-seller meetings

We bring together buyers and sellers of Ghanaian products at one market place. Besides meetings, we also organize buyer-seller forums. We can facilitate you to travel to Ghana and meet up with our exporters. This service affords buyers direct access to Ghanaian producers and exporters. It gives you the opportunity to:

  • travel to Ghana,
  • experience the country at first hand and
  • explore (potential) business areas in the country.


Are you interested in meeting Ghanaian suppliers? Or just trying to explore business opportunities in Ghana in general? Contact us here and find out how we can support you!

3. Reference on exporters

All businesspeople in Ghana are required to register with GEPA to be able to undertake export business. As a result, we maintain an updated and credible database of Ghanaian exporters. Upon request, we can provide references on these exporters. Looking for a reference? Contact us!


4. The Ghana export offer

We are the foremost agency in Ghana specialized in promoting the Ghanaian export offer in the global market. GEPA facilitates Ghanaian exporters to participate actively in key international trade fairs, exhibitions and expositions. Therewith we introduce quality Ghanaian products to you, as an international buyer! Furthermore, we want to expose the enormous business opportunities that our beautiful country offers you.

Want to get more information at your interest? Please contact us.

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