Alkandros Enterprise is a leading brand in the manufacturing of health, cosmetic and toiletry products of the utmost quality to satisfy the needs of consumers. Alkandros is determined and poised to solve the various complex health, cosmetic and hygienic needs of the consumer.

Prominent among the line of products are, the Organic Kelocrem Ointment, the Organic Skin Plus Ointment and the Hair Food which is also an organic product.

The Kelocrem Ointment is very effective for the treatment of keloids which is rampant among the black population.It is an anti-fungal ointment used also in the treatment of eczema, ring worm and other fungal infections on the skin. The Skin Plus Ointment is both an antibacterial and antifungal, very effective in the treatment of complex skin disorders and infections. The Hair Food is being used to grow the the lost hair on the hair line by many women. Many men with baldness have had their hair grown back by using the Alkandros Hair Food. It is effective against dandruff, itchy scalp as well.All the products have been approved by the FDA .


  • Beauty and Skin Products
  • Pharmaceuticals


Foods and Drugs Authority
Ghana Standards Authority

Export products

Organic Kelocrem Ointment
Organic Skin Plus Ointment
Hair Food (an organic product).

Export Destinations

Burkina Faso, other West African countries
Other African countries
The EU
Middle East

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Alkandros Enterprise
GICEL Estates
Accra, Ghana
P.0.box 12306
Accra North- Ghana

Contact person:
Mr Jones Amoako - CEO
0202523825 | 0207649752


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