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Bethel Incorporated Agencies was established in Ghana in October 2000 under the Registrar 1963 to trade in cash crops such as Voacanga Africana Seeds and Griffonia Simplicifolia Seeds as well as Cashew nuts, Robusta coffee, for export. The company is mainly export oriented, but equally buys and sells raw Botanicals and cash crops, thus Voacanga Africana, Coffee Robusta, Griffonia Simplicifolia and Cashew Nuts. The company registered with Ghana Export Promotion Authority as a Commercial Exporter and has been exporting since 2004.

The mission of the company is to supply quality botanical, medical and other cash crops to its clients on time. The goal of the organisation is to consistently provide its customers and supplies with impeccable service by demonstrating cordiality, courteousness, efficiency, promptness, professionalism and integrity in the execution of its work.

The company also considers farmers in its pricing by buying and selling goods at a fair price. By maintaining these objectives makes  a fair profit that would allow it to contribute to the community and the nation as a whole.


  • Fresh produce
  • Pharmaceuticals


Ghana Standards Authority Certification
Ghana Export Promotion Authority Certificate

Export products

Voacanga Africana Seeds
Griffonia Simplicifolia seeds
Cashew Nuts
Robusta Coffee

Export Destinations


Awards & Achievements

SILVER AWARD at the 7th Ashanti Business Excellence Awards 2010
GOLD AWARD at the 8th Ashanti Business Excellence Awards 2011
GOLD AWARD at the 20th National Exporter Awards, organised by the Ghana Export Promotion Authority, 2010

Product / service examples

Company details


Gyinyase near Kumasi High School,
P.O Box C 38, Chirapatre, Kumasi.

Contact person:
Benjamin Owusu
+233501157650; +233206547272

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Bethel Inc. Agencies

Gyinyase near Kumasi High School,
P.O Box C 38, Chirapatre, Kumasi.