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The company was founded by Anthony Pile and began by exporting premium quality freshly cut fruit to supermarkets in Europe. From the beginning the company’s approach differed to its competitors because it believes in ‘adding value at source’. This means the majority of Blue Skies products are cut and packed in the country of origin, rather than shipped overseas and processed elsewhere. This philosophy not only enables Blue Skies to deliver a better quality product, but also helps to generate social and economic development within the country where the fruit is grown. Today Blue Skies continues to supply a variety of retailers throughout the world with exceptional quality ‘fresh from harvest fruit’. It employs over 4,000 people at its factories in Ghana, Egypt, South Africa, Brazil and the UK.


  • Fresh produce

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Export Destinations

1. United Kingdom
2. The Netherlands
3. France
4. Switzerland
5. Italy

Awards & Achievements

They have awards including three Queens Awards for Enterprise in the Sustainable Development Category (in 2008, 2011 and 2015), and in 2016 they received four Fresh Awards from the UK Fresh Produce Consortium including awards for CSR Excellence, Best Place to Work and the overall Fresh Produce Business of the Year.

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PO Box CT 3506
Accra, Ghana

+233 244344578

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