Chamber of Pharmacy Ghana (CoPG)

The Chamber of Pharmacy, Ghana (CoPG), complying with the provision of sections 27 and 28 of the Companies Act 1963, registered with the Registrar-General’s Department and then commenced business effectively in 2013. Until recently, the pharmaceutical industry in the country was saddled with many splinter groupings, each pursuing its own narrow agenda without the requisite harmonization of ideas to serve the good of the industry as a whole. Learning from the international best practices led to the establishment of the Chamber.

The Chamber is noted for its collaboration with all industry stakeholders and its ability to protect and pursue the collective needs and interests of members in order to create a pharmaceutical industry that supports members and national development. The Chamber has positioned itself to serve its members from all segments of the pharmaceutical industry, namely local manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, practitioners/consultants, other stakeholders from the academia and other training institutions. The Chamber aspires to be a research hub that seeks to collect, analyse and interpret practical industry data to inform, impact and influence policy, law and regulation. The Chamber is also an advocacy voice that seeks to speak authoritatively and act proactively on all national issues that are likely to affect the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Pharmaceuticals


Foods and Drugs Authority
Ghana Standards Authority

Export products

G - growing businesses of members and of the Chamber
R - Research in Pharmaceuticals and other industries
A - Advocacy for improving sectors within Ghana's pharmaceutical industry
C - Collaboration with other stakeholders in improving standards of the Ghanaian Pharmaceutical industries
E - Empowment of members for improved businesses

Export Destinations

West Africa, Other Parts of Africa, Europe, America, Middle East and Asia

Awards & Achievements

Health Legendary Honors Africa 2018
Ghana Pharma Awards 2017

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P.O Box CT 9098
Cantonments, Accra

Contact person:
Dr Anthony Ameka - Executive Secretary

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