Cotton-Weblink Portfolio Ltd.

Cotton-Weblink Portfolio Ltd. is a limited liability company incorporated in Ghana in 2002. The company is headquartered in Somanya in Ghana’s Eastern Region and is a subsidiary of the Manogo City and FMSL Ghana Ltd. group of companies. Since 2007, the company has been Global G.A.P. certified, under Option 1 of the programme. As one of Ghana’s largest agribusiness firms, Cotton-Weblink produces a wide variety of crops – including mangoes, coconut, butternut squash, yam, potatoes, cassava, maize, sorghum, cowpea and other horticultural produce for local and international consumption.

We currently operate a 4000-hectares mango plantation in three locations i.e. Somanya in the Eastern Region, Chuchuliga in the Kasena Nankani District in the Upper East Region and Daboya in the Northern Region of Ghana. Cotton-Weblink also owns a 100-acre oil palm plantation in Tweapease and Tinkon and 75 acres of cocoa plantation at Bunso, all in the Eastern Region. Cotton-Weblink was involved in the production of butternut squash in commercial quantities in northern Ghana, a market-led operation using a nucleus farmer out-grower scheme and exported to MWW in England.

The company is a pioneer in mango export by sea, facilitated by the USAID/ TIPCEE project in 2007/2008. Cotton-Weblink also owns and operates the only agricultural radio station in Ghana (Rite 90.1FM), an award-winning station located in Somanya, with its primary mission of disseminating information to farmers. In 2013, Cotton-Weblink was appointed and contracted by the Board of Akorley Packhouse Ltd to manage the state-of-the-art MiDA-established packhouse in Akorley for mango farmers in the Eastern Region.

Cotton-Weblink is an environmentally friendly organization, that promotes and creates awareness of climate change, the company can boast of 600 acres of teak plantation located in Somanya.


  • Fresh produce
  • Roots and Tubers


Global G.A.P.
HACCP (ISO-22000, 22002, 9001 and 19011)

Export products

Mangoes, coconut, butternut squash, yam, potatoes, cassava, maize, sorghum, and cowpea.

Export Destinations

England, Europe and the Middle East.

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Contact person:
Frank Wilson
+233 247 57 43 29

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