D’Mayor B&A Enterprise

D’mayor B&A Enterprise is a vibrant business registered with the Registrar General of Ghana, located in the South – Eastern part of the regional capital, Accra. The company is in the business of making assorted bags and apparel using authentic Ghanaian and African wax prints and leather.

The idea started as far back as 2008 with the principal owner, Nicholas Foli making drawstring bags while still in Senior High School.

In the past three years, the business has grown in leaps and bounds; expanding its main offerings to include many other bags such as laptop bags, backpacks, ladies’ handbags, fanny packs, bomber jackets, kaftans, and other men and women clothing.

The company’s target market is middle and high income earners in urban areas. Over the past three years, the company’s clientele has grown drastically to include government officials and many other high-profile people. The company has drastically increased its production capacity – making a minimum 200 units of each category of bag and apparel per month. Consequently,  in the next five years, the brand D’mayor will become a household name here in Ghana and in other export destinations.


  • Arts, crafts & home deco


Ghana Export Promotion Authority Registration Certificate

Export products

Laptop bags
Ladies bags
fanny packs
bomber jackets
men’s shirts
ladies’ dresses.

Export Destinations

United States

Product / service examples

Company details


Mr. Smith Hotel Road, Pantang West, Accra - Ghana
Ghana Post GPS: GM–129–5321

Contact person:
Nicholas Foli

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D’Mayor B&A Enterprise

Mr. Smith Hotel Road, Pantang West, Accra - Ghana
Ghana Post GPS: GM–129–5321