Eve-Lyn Farms

Eve-Lyn farms was established in 1991 purposely to grow and export its fresh produce to the international market.It cultivates mangoes, pineapples and papaya employing good agricultural practices. The farm produces about 1,000 tons of fruits every year, which are exported to the Middle East and the Gulf areas.The main farm has been growing for the past 24 years and has expanded to other parts of the country.

The CEO, Mr Bassam Aoun is the vice president of Mango and Papaya Growers Association of Ghana (PAMPEAG)

The farm’s terms of payment is Letters of Credit (LC) and quotes its prices FOB.



  • Fresh produce



Export products

Mango (Kent,Keitt,and Palmer)
Pineapple (MD2, Smooth Cayenne, and Sugar Loaf)
Papaya (solo)

Export Destinations

Middle East
Gulf Area

Product / service examples

Company details


Oyarifa, Off Aburi Rd,
C/O Kuttam Construction Works

Contact person:
Bassam Aoun
+233244211370; +233244375131

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