Ghana Institute of Languages (GIL)

The Ghana Institute of Languages (GIL) is a tertiary institution that was established in 1961 with the aim of helping promote African unity through the teaching of non-Ghanaian languages. The Institute also has the mandate the Government on issues relating to language policy.

It carries out the teaching of English, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian at beginner, intermediate and proficiency levels, and also carries out research in and about the teaching of these languages. The school also offers professionally relevant courses in bilingual secretaryship and translation, which gives its graduates ready employment at home and abroad.  A Translation Bureau (The TransBureau) provides translation, interpretation and secretarial services at conferences and trade fairs. Additionally, they offer tour guiding and liaison services.Many graduates of the School of Bilingual Secretaryship and School of Translators now work all over the world in places such as the African Union (AU), the African Development Bank (ABD), the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries (ACP), the United Nations Organization (UNO), the International Development Programme (IDEP), and in other governmental and non-governmental organizations.



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Education Loop, off Barnes Road, Adabraka,
P.O. Box. M67, Accra, Ghana

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