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Located in Sefwi Djaboso – Bonsai in the Western Region of Ghana, Gyarko Farms’ cocoa division produces high quality cocoa beans and cashew nuts for both local and the international market.

The cashew division of Gyarko Farms is located at Nkoranza in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. This is a vast plantation spanning hundreds of acres of land. The cashew sector is growing rapidly in Ghana, and collectively, Africa supplies roughly 45 percent of the world’s cashew crop.

With large cocoa and cashew plantations, Gyarko Farms is able to manage the lifecycle of its cacao and cashew trees through strategic planting. Cashew trees take about three years before they bear fruit, and about eight years before harvests become viable on a large scale. Each year, new seedlings are planted. As older trees stop producing, a new generation of younger trees starts. Gyarko Farms also uses a variety of grafting and tree management techniques to improve the sustainability of trees. This is a long-term strategy that allows plantation to consistently produce some of the finest cocoa beans and cashews in Ghana.


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    Off No. TMA 0411, Adjacent Adenta Police Barrier, Adenta - Accra - Ghana


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