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Koco Crunch Plantain chips is the newest crunchy snack on the lips of clients every day. It’s made with the best of plantain sourced from a reliable farm fried in healthy cooking oils that prevents any health issues. Through proper advertising, the company hopes to reach many markets.

Koco D’Luv is a leading snack processor of Koco Crunch Plantain Chips (Ripe, Kele Spice and Unripe). The company employs the best practices through routine inspections and tests during processing. Specifications and corrective actions at every level of production are taken to ensure that only the best quality product is delivered to consumers. The Company was established in the year 2018 and now has a production capacity of about 3000 fingers of plantain per month. The company supplies specific shops in Ghana and distribute to USA and Nigeria.


  • Food and beverages


Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) Certification
Food and Drugs Authority Certification
Ghana Standards Authority Certification
National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) Certification

Export products

Plantain chips (sweet, kele spiced and regular flavor)
spicy coated peanuts

Export Destinations


Awards & Achievements

1. Offered Training Services for Staff of Callisto Investments at Ogun State in Lagos to enable them improve on their Product Quality. This contract for the training was possible after been featured on Restoration with Stacy on Joy Prime.
2. Nominated by NBSSI to be on the CAMFED Business Committee and Selected as the Organizing Secretary of the District Business Committee for CAMFED (Campaign for female Education).

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P.O. Box GP 2062,

Ghana Post GPS: GA-105-6652-GAR

Contact person:
Akosua Mantey
+233 545 855 908

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Koco d’Luv

P.O. Box GP 2062,

Ghana Post GPS: GA-105-6652-GAR