Maphlix Trust Ghana Limited

Maphlix Trust Ghana Limited is one of the players in the food production and processing industry of Ghana. We are engaged in the production and sale of varied food crops in vegetable, grain, root and tubers categories. Apart from the production and export of some major food crops such as yam, orange flesh sweet potato (OFSP), and fresh vegetables and fruits, we equally add value to our root and tuber crops such as cassava, yam and potato. Our long-term goal is to develop and add value to the remaining food crops which are exported in their raw forms. Maphlix Trust Ghana Limited also offers Agronomic and Technical services to its smallholder farmers and ensures the products/services offered to the customer/farmer is highly beneficial to their needs.


  • Fresh produce
  • Other
  • Roots and Tubers

Export products

Yam, orange flesh sweet potato (OFSP), cassava, okra, pepper (chilly, green), marrow, turea, tinder, garden egg, lettuce, parsley leaf, jute leaf, butternut squash, tomatoes, onion and cucumber.

Company details


10 Alogboshie Street

Contact person:
Felix Kamassah
+233 302 424984

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