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Norpalm Ghana Ltd. (NGL) was established in Accra, Ghana on 29 October 1998 as a vehicle to acquire the assets of the former state owned enterprise National Oil Palms Ltd. under privatisation. After a lengthy acquisition process, NGL took over all operational responsibilities from September 2000. Originally owned 20% by a local investor and 80% by Norpalm AS, Norway, the current ownership is a Joint Venture between Norpalm AS (68.6%) and PZ Cussons Ghana Ltd. (31.4%).

NGL’s mission statement has as one of its objectives to become a leading palm oil producer in Ghana. After a slow start, NGL is today among the four leading industrial palm oil milling companies in the country, processing more than 80,000 mt. of FFB per year. NGL’s nucleus estates of 4,500 Ha. have been turned around and developed into a well-managed plantation concentrating on high yielding, draught resistant planting materials. The overall target is to reduce dependence of low quality Dura fruits from the open market in such a way that minimum 50% of the FFB requirements will come from high quality Tenera palms in the future.

At the same time, NGL’s mill has undergone a full refurbishment – incl. various, new investments – to fully cope with the steady increase in both estate and outside FFB volumes

In 2003 NGL and PZ Cussons Ghana Ltd. signed a Supply Contract giving PZ the exclusive right to buy all CPO produced, on favourable terms both for NGL and PZ. The current Supply Contract expires on 31 August 2013.

NGL’s workforce (April 2013) – including casuals – totals 284. In addition approx. 1250 contract workers are engaged at the plantation as and when needed, predominantly during harvesting, pruning and weeding. The company is among the leading contributors to the economy in the Western region. NGL is managed by a team of Ghanaian professionals working closely together with a Board nominated by the two shareholders Norpalm AS and PZ Cussons Ghana Ltd..


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Norpalm Plantation Site,
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Contact person:
Eric Anang (General Manager) – eanang@norpalmgh.com Charles Mate-Kole (Plantation Manager) – cmate-kole@norpalmgh.com
Telephone: +233 31 2093295 +233 31 2093295

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