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Volta River Estate Limited (VREL) is a fair trade banana plantation located in Ghana, West Africa. The plantation consists of five farms on the banks of the Volta River, south of Lake Volta, the largest artificial lake in Africa. VREL exports 85% of its bananas to Europe with AgroFair, a fair trade company owned and owned by banana, mango and pineapple producers around the world. VREL is a shareholder of AgroFair. In 2001, VREL began a process of conversion to organic farming produced under the rules of fair trade and currently 3 of the 5 farms are certified “organic”.

Huub van der Broek, the general manager of VREL says “Ghana is ideally prepared for organic agriculture which is traditional here. The fact that no chemical synthesis product is used is an advantage not only for the health of our employees but also for the protection of the environment and it is very important for all of us here. ” 

Ernest Adzim Exploitation “Bio” explains: “Because we are the first plantation in Ghana that produces large-scale bananas, there are no other plantations around plantains or dessert bananas. That’s why the level of disease and infection with parasites is very low and it’s a great place to grow organic bananas. ” 


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VREL Organic
P.O. Box 3 New Akrade
Eastern Region,

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Mr. Huub van de Broek and Mr. Anthony Blay
Tel: +233 (0)251 21068 Fax: +233 (0)251 21067 Mobile: +233 (0)244 328 380

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