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WEAR Ghana is a Ghanaian clothing brand that is focused on becoming a globally recognised and respected African brand. The company has been in business since November, 2013. The team is made up of young Africa-enthusiasts who value integrity, creativity, progress and sustainability.

The firm makes quality, trendy clothes for men and women and also offers exciting solutions to corporate clients, providing outstanding uniforms for companies, choirs, associations.

Between November 2013 and May 2016, the company created stunning bespoke pieces for celebrities, corporate executives, and many fashion lovers.

In May 2016, Wear Ghana launched its first retail collection- GIGI. This has been very well received and is well on its way to becoming Africa’s preferred option for dressy-casual engagements. Currently, Wear Ghana has one of the highest selling clothing brands in Ghana with over 3,000 satisfied customers. The company has customers in several countries including Nigeria, Kenya, the UK, USA, Canada, Asia, etc.

Wear Ghana’s short term goal is to have a strong presence in every region in Ghana while making inroads in other African countries.


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Anigye Hse, SnooCode: 5XF OK9,
Haatso, Accra

Contact person:
Ewurabena Agyemang
+233 243 766 202

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Wear Ghana

Anigye Hse, SnooCode: 5XF OK9,
Haatso, Accra