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Ze-Y-Ze Leather Works, a footwear design and manufacturing enterprise was established and begun operations in 2001 with a workforce of three (3) at House No 9 Afram road, Asylum Down.

Ze-Y-Ze has over the years grown from a very small manufacturing enterprise into a promising business specialized in providing, quality, bespoke foot claddings and accessories for the burgeoning middle and working class.

Over the past ten years Ze-Y-Ze has been a supplier of quality, comfortable and affordable footwear to a varied cross section of clients. These include ministers of state, chief executive officers, managers and many young business executives. The company has also been the main supplier of school sandals for selected Senior High Schools in Ghana.

Ze-Y-Ze has been active participants in locally and internationally organized trade exhibitions. From the year 2002 till date, it has participated in Grand Sales and International Trade Fairs organized by the Ghana Trade Fair Company. In 2010, the enterprise participated in Abuja International Trade Fair and the Siao International Trade Fair (Burkina Faso) facilitated by the Ghana Export Promotion Authority.

In 2008, Ze-Y-Ze took some students from the Department of Industrial Art at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi through industrial attachment. The students were able to single produce footwear as part of their appraisal activity. This has become a regular feature as the enterprise regularly have hosts students from that department for their Industrial attachment.


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House No 9 Afram road,
Asylum Down

Contact person:
David Arthur
+233 244 285 960/ +233 244 706 389

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Ze-Y-Ze Leather Works

House No 9 Afram road,
Asylum Down