SECTOR CAPABILITIES - Medicinal plants from Ghana

Ghana’s rich and ecologically diverse forests contain hundreds of different plant and tree species. Some of them are considered medicinal plants and are increasingly applied in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. Also exports are increasing. It concerns especially raw materials, which are exported to China and EU markets, where they will be processed into final products.

The increasing trade of medicinal plants contributes significantly to Ghana’s ambition to grow and diversify exports of Non Traditional Exports. The interests of the sector are represented by the Botanical Plant Exporters Association of Ghana (BOPA).

Reasons to buy

  • A wide range of different types of product is available: voacange, griffornia, annatto seeds, colanuts
  • Medicinal plants are harvested in the wild.
  • All products are organic by default.
  • Mostly women, individuals and smallholders involved.
  • Ghana offers an Ideal climate to grow and collect medicinal plants.

Trade performance

Featured exporters

Ferro Fabrik Ltd

Ferro Fabrik Limited (An ISO 9001:2015 certified company) is the Leading Manufacturing Company of Ghana. It was established to support the accelerating growth in Ghana by making country self-reliant for Iron Rebars and eliminating its dependence on imported Rebars. The FFL’s core purpose is to maintain the highest standards of…
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Burger Food Industries limited

Burger Food Industries (BFI) is a food processing company located in Accra, Ghana. BFI produces quality peanut snack, Nkatie Burger. With fifteen years experience in the Ghanaian food industry, BFI has positioned itself as the reference point for quality peanut snack. Mission To provide the Nutritional needs of Families around…
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Cocoa Processing Company Limited

Established in 1965, Cocoa Processing Company Limited (CPC) is situated in the picturesque port city of Tema in Ghana on the Greenwich Meridian (Longitude 0°). The company comprises three factories: two Cocoa Factories and a Confectionery Factory. Cocoa Processing Company Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in Ghana on…
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