Pineapples from Ghana – available all year round

Pineapples from Ghana are produced and exported throughout the whole year. Shipments overseas usually peak between November and April. The wide offer of pineapple varieties in Ghana leads to multiple buyer options. Good quality of Ghanaian pineapples is furthermore ensured by sufficient access to necessary post-harvest infrastructure. This includes automated packing lines, cold storage facilities, haulage trucks, and more. The combination of stringent standards of hygiene and process control leads to a high quality system.

Upgraded standards and new codes of practices for pineapple

As part of an ongoing upgrade of the country’s Quality Infrastructure, existing standards within the mango value chain have been reviewed and several Codes of Practice have been developed. This was done with the help of the Switzerland government and the United National Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). The upgraded standards and Codes of Practice were submitted for gazetting and publishing since the end of 2016. They include:

  • GS 1126 – Specification for pineapple for processing
  • GS 966 – Pineapple Planting Material
  • GS 969 Parts 1 & 2 – Good nursery Practices
  • GS IM 1 – Inspection of manual for the inspection of fresh pineapple
  • GS 101 – Specification for pineapple
  • GS CAC RCP 53 – Code of Hygienic Practice for fresh fruits and vegetables
  • GS 704 – Specification for pineapple juice preserved exclusively by physical means

Reasons to buy

Importing Ghanaian pineapples will give you several great certainties and advantages, such as:

  • At least annual review of all process related activities to confirm GLOBALGAP, HACCP and traceability
  • The highest quality pineapples because of on farm pre-shipment inspections at various locations
  • Fruits harvested at optimum time of maturity
  • Fresh shipment, not greater than 48 hours after harvest
  • Wide choice of pineapple varieties, including
    • Smooth Cayenne
    • Queen Victoria
    • MD2
    • Sugar Loaf

Trade performance

Featured exporters

Nandomnorth Limited

Nandomnorth Limited is a business established to run a full-scale, integrated Shea business. It is an agribusiness company, cultivating Shea trees, harvesting Shea nuts and processing them into Shea butter, for export. The business involves three main activities which are the SBUs of the company, namely: Shea Tree Plantation Development;…
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Kingdom Exim Ghana Limited

Kingdom Exim Group was incorporated in the year of 2008. Their basic objective is developing business both In India and abroad by maintaining the quality of their products, ensuring price competitiveness and enhancing service standards. They have a successful history of exporting in big quantity to Asia, as part of…
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Neat Foods Company Limited

Neat Foods range of products, are produced from fresh carefully selected farm produce of high quality. NEAT FOODS commenced yam processing in 2009. In addition to yam, it processes a range of flours – cassava flour and plantain flour. The company belongs to a larger holding company, which owns a…
Show: Neat Foods Company Limited

Useful links

Sea-freight pineapple exporters of Ghana (SPEG)

SPEG is a professional organized body with specialization in the export of high quality pineapples. Check out their website to learn more about:

  • Advantages of dealing with SPEG
  • Their quality system
  • SPEG members and affiliates
  • Their own ‘Sankofa’ brand
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Ghana Fresh Produce Exporters’ Directory

The Ghanaian Ministry of Food & Agriculture produced an exporters’ directory with detailed information on several fruit and vegetable associations and its members. Interesting contacts for pineapple buyers include in the databases of:

  • Horticulturists’ Association of Ghana (HAG)
  • Sea-Freight Pineapple Exporters of Ghana (SPEG)
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GhanaVeg is a commercial vegetable sector development initiative in Ghana. It is driven by a strong belief in healthy and quality vegetable production by new ways of business. Therewith, it targets high-end domestic and international markets.

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