SECTOR CAPABILITIES - Straw Baskets from Ghana

Basket weaving in Ghana is undoubtedly a vibrant industry. The classic Bolga Basket embodies the traditional design and construction that has made the weavers of the Bolgatanga area world famous. The products are perfect for shower gifts, gardening, picnics, children’s toys, and more. When not in use, the classic Bolga basket is the perfect accent to any décor.

Both the young and the old attest to the fact that it was handed down to them by their forebears. The Upper East Region is home to straw basket products in Ghana. The industry has created a lot of employment opportunities for the youth, thereby reducing the menace of rural-urban migration in the region. It has also helped in the generation of foreign currency for Ghana through exports.

The basket weaving is carried out by hundreds of weavers’ associations managed by different bodies. Various communities in the Bolgatanga Municipal, Bongo, Nabdam and Talensi districts are engaged in baskets weaving and have competitive edge in the weaving of various types of straw baskets.

Varieties of Straw baskets

  • U shopper
  • Round baskets
  • Hats
  • Fans
  • Baby baskets
  • Laundry baskets

Reasons to buy

Reasons to buy:

  • Straw baskets are made from sustainable and well managed forest sources
  • Use of organic dies and organic straw
  • The aesthetics and the quality of straw baskets from Ghana are unparalled
  • Strong supply base – ability to meet export orders
  • Strong sector associations made up of experienced individuals
  • Every purchase of a straw basket goes a long way to alleviate poverty in the northern part of Ghana
  • The sector is predominantly  populated by rural women thereby providing income to many households
  • One purchases a relic of history with every purchase of a straw basket.

Trade performance

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