Ghana Sector: Key Sectors

Sector profiles

  • Cocoa Powder (unsweetened) From Ghana
  • Cocoa Powder (unsweetened) From Ghana
  • Shea butter from Ghana
  • Medicinal plants from Ghana
  • Coconut from Ghana
  • Banana from Ghana
  • Papaya from Ghana
  • Straw Baskets from Ghana
  • Chili Pepper from Ghana
  • Cassava from Ghana
  • Cashew from Ghana
  • Yams from Ghana
  • Tuna From Ghana
  • Cocoa Paste From Ghana
  • Cocoa Butter from Ghana
  • mango from Ghana
  • Pineapple

Featured exporters

Nurevas Ghana

Nurevas is a Swiss-owned manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, value-add processed foods. Despite a large and growing retail and food services market for processed packaged foods, less than 15% of demand in Ghana is met by local processing capacity. There has been insufficient investment in local food production and this…
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Wear Ghana

WEAR Ghana is a Ghanaian clothing brand that is focused on becoming a globally recognised and respected African brand. The company has been in business since November, 2013. The team is made up of young Africa-enthusiasts who value integrity, creativity, progress and sustainability. The firm makes quality, trendy clothes for…
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Uni-Jay Company Limited identifies itself as garment manufacturer with a focus on uniforms, Personal Protective Equipment, Hospital Scrubs, security wear, specialized clothing and bespoke women’s wear driven by Quality, Excellent craftsmanship and Community. The company’s personnel are at the core of our operations. The diversity of gender, literacy and experience…
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