Ghana Sector: Key Sectors

Sector profiles

  • Cocoa Powder (unsweetened) From Ghana
  • Cocoa Powder (unsweetened) From Ghana
  • Shea butter from Ghana
  • Medicinal plants from Ghana
  • Coconut from Ghana
  • Banana from Ghana
  • Papaya from Ghana
  • Straw Baskets from Ghana
  • Chili Pepper from Ghana
  • Cassava from Ghana
  • Cashew from Ghana
  • Yams from Ghana
  • Tuna From Ghana
  • Cocoa Paste From Ghana
  • Cocoa Butter from Ghana
  • mango from Ghana
  • Pineapple

Featured exporters

Mim Cashew and Agricultural Products, Ltd

Mim Cashew was founded in 2008 with an installed capacity of approximately 200 to 300 metric tons (MT) per year. Mim Cashew is a family owned cashew plantation and processing facility, located near the rocky outcrops of the Mim mountains in Ghana. We are proud to produce cashew nut kernels…
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Bethel Inc. Agencies

Bethel Incorporated Agencies was established in Ghana in October 2000 under the Registrar 1963 to trade in cash crops such as Voacanga Africana Seeds and Griffonia Simplicifolia Seeds as well as Cashew nuts, Robusta coffee, for export. The company is mainly export oriented, but equally buys and sells raw Botanicals…
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Alkandros Enterprise is a leading brand in the manufacturing of health, cosmetic and toiletry products of the utmost quality to satisfy the needs of consumers. Alkandros is determined and poised to solve the various complex health, cosmetic and hygienic needs of the consumer. Prominent among the line of products are,…
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