Ghana Sector: Key Sectors

Sector profiles

  • Cocoa Powder (unsweetened) From Ghana
  • Cocoa Powder (unsweetened) From Ghana
  • Shea butter from Ghana
  • Medicinal plants from Ghana
  • Coconut from Ghana
  • Banana from Ghana
  • Papaya from Ghana
  • Straw Baskets from Ghana
  • Chili Pepper from Ghana
  • Cassava from Ghana
  • Cashew from Ghana
  • Yams from Ghana
  • Tuna From Ghana
  • Cocoa Paste From Ghana
  • Cocoa Butter from Ghana
  • mango from Ghana
  • Pineapple

Featured exporters

Stemak Limited

Stemak Limited a registered company with extensive experience in the world of commodity trading. The company’s focus is centered on a variety of services in the domestic trading and exports space of commodities from Ghana and other West African countries.In 2001, Stemak Limited shifted its focus into the exports of…
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Academic City College

Academic City is a premium quality tertiary education institution in Africa with a state-of-the-art modern campus in Accra, Ghana. Academic City offers holistic education to create well-rounded minds who can proactively and conscientiously contribute to local and global development. Our dedicated focus on experiential and active student learning, supplemented with…
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Nandomnorth Limited

Nandomnorth Limited is a business established to run a full-scale, integrated Shea business. It is an agribusiness company, cultivating Shea trees, harvesting Shea nuts and processing them into Shea butter, for export. The business involves three main activities which are the SBUs of the company, namely: Shea Tree Plantation Development;…
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