Ghana Sector: Arts, crafts & home deco

Discover Ghana's beautiful arts, crafts & home deco products.

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  • Straw Baskets from Ghana

Featured exporters

KAD Manufacturing Ltd

With over 10 years in operation, KAD Manufacturing Ltd. is a Ghanaian based company dedicated to the manufacturing of apparel on a large scale for the export market as well as for the local Ghanaian market. The company is the sister company of Cadling Fashions: a well-known fashion house in Ghana,…
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Cedi Beads Industry

The business, which is a family business was established in the late 20th Century, without any specifically known date. The company registered for export in 1996 and is well established on the international market, having won some awards. They believe in the quality of their products which is seemingly unrivaled…
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Edtex Limited

Edtex limited, a social enterprise is a growing textile manufacturing company, producing in Tema since 1998. Handmade batik fabric is its main product supplying local and export fashion industry with durable, innovative and unique product that customers expect. The company produces batik fabrics using different types of natural base fabrics…
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