Ghana Sector: Beauty and Skin Products

The best natural beauty and skin products from Ghana.

Sector profiles

  • Shea butter from Ghana

Featured exporters

GKV Investments Limited

Established in 2017, GKV Investments Limited is a company firmly rooted in the production of very high quality virgin coconut oil in Ghana. The company interacts with local farmers within the Western region of Ghana, to source for high quality nuts to produce the ava virgin coconut oil. The western…
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Hoseaps Company Limited

Hoseaps company limited started as a sole proprietorship in 2014 and has fully now been established as a private limited company registered in Ghana. Hoseaps is a marketing-oriented company specialized in trading worldwide. It has entered into a long term supply agreements with a number of producers – ISO approved…
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KAD Manufacturing Ltd

With over 10 years in operation, KAD Manufacturing Ltd. is a Ghanaian based company dedicated to the manufacturing of apparel on a large scale for the export market as well as for the local Ghanaian market. The company is the sister company of Cadling Fashions: a well-known fashion house in Ghana,…
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