Ghana Sector: Beauty and Skin Products

The best natural beauty and skin products from Ghana.

Sector profiles

  • Shea butter from Ghana

Featured exporters

Stemak Limited

Stemak Limited a registered company with extensive experience in the world of commodity trading. The company’s focus is centered on a variety of services in the domestic trading and exports space of commodities from Ghana and other West African countries.In 2001, Stemak Limited shifted its focus into the exports of…
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Alkandros Enterprise is a leading brand in the manufacturing of health, cosmetic and toiletry products of the utmost quality to satisfy the needs of consumers. Alkandros is determined and poised to solve the various complex health, cosmetic and hygienic needs of the consumer. Prominent among the line of products are,…

DV Unlimited Company Limited

DV Unlimited Co. Ltd. is a limited liability company that is set to drive new trends in the business world. The company, as part of our businesses, manufactures and markets personal care and home care products with the brand name DV Kliners. We manufacture personal care products such as DV…
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