Ghana Sector: Fresh produce

Ghana offers you a wide variety of fresh produce, ranging from pineapple and mango to pepper and coconuts. Come and find out!

Sector profiles

  • Coconut from Ghana
  • Banana from Ghana
  • Papaya from Ghana
  • Chili Pepper from Ghana
  • Cashew from Ghana
  • mango from Ghana
  • Pineapple

Featured exporters

Volta River Estate Limited

Volta River Estate Limited (VREL) is a fair trade banana plantation located in Ghana, West Africa. The plantation consists of five farms on the banks of the Volta River, south of Lake Volta, the largest artificial lake in Africa. VREL exports 85% of its bananas to Europe with AgroFair, a fair trade…
Show: Volta River Estate Limited


Sambrimin Enterprise is an agrobusiness established in 2012. It is a market-oriented enterprise that specializes in trading and export of root and tuber crops especially yam. Sambrimin is committed to providing multiple opportunities for poverty reduction and nourishment of poor people in the sub-region by adopting varied agroecological and production…

Gold Coast Fruits Ltd.

Gold Coast Fruits is a German/Ghanaian/British 500 hectares pineapple farm located in Ghana – West Africa, right at the heart of the pineapple belt, at the Otaten village/Adeiso town 60 km west from the capital city Accra and 80 km from the seaport Tema. Founded in 2005, GCF is one…
Show: Gold Coast Fruits Ltd.
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