Ghana Sector: Fresh produce

Ghana offers you a wide variety of fresh produce, ranging from pineapple and mango to pepper and coconuts. Come and find out!

Sector profiles

  • Coconut from Ghana
  • Banana from Ghana
  • Papaya from Ghana
  • Chili Pepper from Ghana
  • Cashew from Ghana
  • mango from Ghana
  • Pineapple

Featured exporters

BisaWorld Ltd

In April 2014, BisaWorld Ltd. (“BisaWorld”), an agricultural and food products company registered in Ghana, launched its operations with a vision to become a profit-making enterprise that has a meaningful philanthropic impact. The company’s product is an increasingly popular, high-quality chili powder that has enjoyed tremendous customer satisfaction. Since its…
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Srighan Farms Ltd, established in 2001, has risen to become a leading exporter of Asian vegetables from Ghana. The entity operates its own farms across Ghana ensuring farm produce are grown to international standards and fit for consumption. The entity also purchases produce from other standard out grower farms in…

Samviver Royal Ventures

Samviver Royal Ventures is a wholly owned Ghanaian Export Institution statutorily registered with the Registrar General’s Department under the registration of Business Act, 1962(No.151). The company plants/buys farm produce from registered farmers and sell them to exporters. By so doing, it provides ready-market for farmers in the hinterlands who otherwise…
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