Ghana Sector: Iron and steel

Iron and steel products from Ghana offer several great guarantees. There are numerous suppliers with a very wide range of exportable offer for your business. We have international experience in supplying iron and steel, especially in the African and Asian market. Our country exported between 40 to 70 million USD of iron and steel products annually over the past couple of years (2013-2017). Find out more detailed information about our export companies below and in our supplier database.

Featured exporters

Reroy Cables Limited

Reroy Cables Limited a subsidiary of Reroy Group was incorporated on the 20th April 1992 and commenced business as an importer and distributor of Electrical Cables and Accessories. The company commissioned its first manufacturing facility for production of domestic wiring and power distribution cables in 1995. Reroy Cable is a…
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FabriMetal Ghana Ltd

MMD is a privately-owned company with deep historical and entrepreneurial roots in Africa. Formed in 2006, MMD is the leading manufacturer of TMT® rebars, high-quality thermo mechanically-treated steel reinforcement bars, and merchant bars used to construct residential, commercial, industrial, and civil structures. Fabrimetal Ghana is part of group MMD. MMD…
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Sethi Steel

Sethi Brothers are pioneers in the steel trade and manufacture industry in Ghana.  Since the establishment of the company in 1993, it has persistently expanded its market share through the sales of quality steel products and outstanding services. Sethi Brothers has four decades of trading experience in the steel trade…
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