Ghana Sector: Other

Besides our featured sectors and products, we have other products to offer from Ghana as well! Find out more about exporters of other products in Ghana below.

Featured exporters

Carmeuse Lime Products Ltd.

Carmeuse Ghana also known as Carmeuse Lime Products (Gh) Ltd. was established in 1993 in the port city of Takoradi, Ghana. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Carmeuse S.A of Belgium and part of the overall Carmeuse group, which is the leading lime producer in the world. Carmeuse Ghana…
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Norpalm Ghana Ltd. (NGL)

Norpalm Ghana Ltd. (NGL) was established in Accra, Ghana on 29 October 1998 as a vehicle to acquire the assets of the former state owned enterprise National Oil Palms Ltd. under privatisation. After a lengthy acquisition process, NGL took over all operational responsibilities from September 2000. Originally owned 20% by a…
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Decorplast Limited

Ever since their inception in 1992, the relentless quest for quality has made their  products a resounding success not only in Ghana, but also in the Export market that spreads throughout West Africa, Southern Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Their drive and commitment provides them  with a cutting edge…
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