Ghana Sector: Roots and Tubers

Sector profiles

  • Cassava from Ghana
  • Yams from Ghana

Featured exporters

Ghana Yam Producers and Exporters Association (GYPEA)

With a Vision of becoming the leading source of premium quality yam products with global penetration and contribution to an improved Ghanaian economy and livelihoods,the Ghana Yam Producers and Exporters Association was incorporated under the Ghana Company’s Code, 1963 Act 179 on the 2nd of June 1987. The Association’s objectives…
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Genesis Harvest Trade & Co

Genesis Harvest Trade & Co. is an industrial food supplier that specializes in the export of chilled (frozen) pineapple & mango chunks as well as pineapple juice concentrate and mango juice concentrate. The company is known for delivering the highest quality of chilled (frozen) fruits, tomato paste as well as…
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Sambrimin Enterprise is an agrobusiness established in 2012. It is a market-oriented enterprise that specializes in trading and export of root and tuber crops especially yam. Sambrimin is committed to providing multiple opportunities for poverty reduction and nourishment of poor people in the sub-region by adopting varied agroecological and production…
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