Ghana Sector: Wood processing

Explore Ghana's exportable offer in wood processing products. The Ghanaian offer consists of numerous products, including:
  • knockdown furniture
  • plywood
  • wood crafts
During 2013-2017, we have exported around 6 million USD of wood processing products on average. Want to know which exporters offer our beautiful products? Check out the featured exporters below, or search in the supplier database.

Featured exporters

Booomers ltd

Booomers is a social enterprise founded in 2014 by Kwabena Danso with a mission to produce high quality, affordable bamboo products that have economic and social benefits to customers around the world. Since its formation the company has made and delivered more than 2,500 bike frames and thousands of bamboo…
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KG Furniture Company Limited

KG Furniture Company Limited was established in Ghana in August 2001. We design and manufacture top quality modern European home and office furniture using laminated medium-density fibre (MDF) boards.  Their products include kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, office desks, workstations, room doors, dining sets, and bedroom sets, among others. The Company has…
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Design Tekura

Tekura is the hub for accent furniture, decor and a host of unique,” artistique” accessories. Drawing our inspiration from the many beautiful stories from Africa including the continent’s artistry and culture, we make a range of accent tables, contemporary stools and complementary pieces like bowls, vases, candle holders etc. reflecting…
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