February 17, 2022

Level Up Packaging Session

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Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) has organized a training session on packaging dubbed “Level Up” to provide exporters best ways to package their products. The training also falls in sync with one of the three major planks of the National Export Development Strategy, which amongst others stipulates tailor-made capacity building programs for exporters and all stakeholders along the export trade ecosystem.

Mr. Kofi Essuman, CEO of Global Standards 1, Ghana(GS1) was present to lecture on Packaging and Brand Building.

He touched on the underlisted items during his lecture:

• Products and design(Formulation, package, Image)

• Functions of Packaging

• Importance of Packaging

• Materials required for Packaging

• Marketing decisions

He said that the most important item in the world of leveling up your packaging is your BRAND. Brand is a name that gives influence, and it also entails the logo, name, symbol,  color, slogan. Image preview

He advised exporters to keep their packaging simple because simplicity sells and also avoid high packaging and high production cost

At the end of the training, the exporters captured the essence of putting in much work into their brand and packaging in order to LEVEL UP their businesses.

This session is part of the many that are yet to be organized so as to build the capacity of exporters as the Pillar 3 of the National Export Development Strategy suggests.

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