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In order to give you, our clients, the needed leverage to be able to source a lot more information on Non Traditional Exports products (NTEs), GEPA has selected some useful links for its esteemed publics.

Ghana Timber Millers Organisation

The Ghana Timber Millers Organisation (GTMO) represents 100 timber processing companies, including producers of plywood, veneer and furniture (parts).

  • Consultation between the government and the industry
  • Sharing information on timber trade among members
  • Improving the standard of timber products
  • Attracting foreign investors
  • Involvement in forest resources improvement programmes and the social needs of the people of Ghana, especially in the rural areas
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EU Timber Regulation

The European Union’s Timber Regulation (EUTR) also covers plywood, veneer and wooden furniture. This portal provides information on the regulation.

  • Legal text
  • Obligations and scope
  • Updates on current developments
  • Guidance documents
  • FLEGT or CITES licensing
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CBI Market Information

CBI provides European market information on sectors like timber and timber products (incl. plywood and veneer) and home decoration (incl. furniture).

  •  Trends
  • Trade statistics
  • Market channels and segments
  •  Competition
  • Buyer requirements
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World Bank – Global Economic Monitor (GEM) Commodities

The World Bank’s Global Economic Monitor (GEM) Commodities provides monthly prices and indices for commodities like plywood, from 1960 to present.

  • Series – plywood nominal
  • Time
  • Country or world
  • Table or chart
  • Download in Excel-file
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Global Timber Forum

The Global Timber Forum is an international advocacy and networking platform for the timber sector.

  • News
  • Timber sector reports, analysis and statistics
  • Sustainability certification schemes
  • Industry organisations and trade federations
  • Market legality requirements and strategies
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Woodworking Network

Woodworking Network is a hub for the professional woodworking industry. It presents technology, supplies, education and inspiration.

  • News – categories for furniture and veneer
  • Knowledge Center – Best Practices
  • Webcasts
  • Community – Ask a Woodworker
  • Events
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Timber Trades Journal

Timber Trades Journal is a renowned forum for the timber sector. It provides the latest business and market trends across the timber industry.

  • News
  • Market intelligence
  • Buyer’s guide
  • Features, opinion pieces and blogs
  • Events
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European Timber Trade Federation

The European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF) represents timber and wood product importers, as well as non-importing.

  • Timber Trade Portal with extended country profile of Ghana
  • Member federation index
  • News
  • Trade statistics and analysis
  • Information on EU regulation
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