January 21, 2021

Jennifer Lopez launches ‘JLo’ lifestyle channel on Triller

THE WHAT? Jennifer Lopez has launched a lifestyle channel, named JLo, on social media app Triller, which will include beauty and fashion content.

THE DETAILS The Singer and Actress is set to generate original and unique content on a regular basis including beauty, fitness, music and fashion, and has used the app to debut her new music video for the single In The Morning.

THE WHY? With consumer digital interaction continuing to boom due to the ongoing lockdown measures as a result of the pandemic, brands are increasingly engaging younger audiences with new social media apps being the marketing angle of choice.

Lopez stated, “I’m always looking for innovative and modern ways to connect with my fans, and I am very happy to be able to work with Triller on this amazing new lifestyle channel.”

Discussing the app’s evolution, Bobby Sarnevesht, Triller Co-owner and Executive Chairman, said, “Triller remains true to its roots as we are always a music first app. Although we’re quickly expanding and becoming the go-to platform for talent from a variety of industries, we could not be more thrilled that Jennifer chose our platform and its users to see her video first. It is clear Jennifer believes in Triller and we’re ecstatic to welcome her into the family.”

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