June 15, 2022

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Enterprise Singapore Visit GEPA

At GEPA, our mandate requires us to do a number of things related to promoting goods and services with added value. This includes matching FinTech services to access points of our Exporters’ to grow their businesses while facilitating the promotion of made-in-Ghana products and services.

This afternoon we were pleased to receive a Team from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Enterprise Singapore who are in Ghana to launch a partnership with the newly established Development Bank of Ghana.

Mr. Samuel Dentu, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Operations & Finance who received the visiting team on behalf of the Chief Executive shared GEPA’s mandate  and capacity-building initiatives as well as how GEPA can partner both organisations to further advance the work of Ghanaian Exporters.

Ms Suzhen Zheng from the FinTech & Innovation Group of MAS shared details about Proxtera – a metahub platform with access to four hundred thousand (400,000) plus organisations that can help GEPA’s clients gain a wider market for their products and alternative sources for their inputs. Other areas briefly touched on by the visiting team included the Financial Trust Corridor – a governance framework and a digital infrastructure which banks and Fintechs both in Ghana & Singapore could refer to and utilize when sharing key relevant information for credit assessment, whilst abiding by domestic and international regulations such as data protection and Anti-Money laundering requirements. The FTC makes it easier for SMEs involved in cross-border trade to obtain faster and more working capital offerings including invoice financing and guarantees.

For GEPA, these are exciting times for our Exporters as these platforms will deepen the financial & business management literacy of their businesses and provide them with exposure to global best practices 

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